Knowhere Unlimited

About Knowhere Unlimited

Founder and CEO James A. Piccolo

James is experienced in Business Intelligence Metrics, Artist Management, and Organizational Analysis, a seasoned professional in Financial, Management, and Forensic Accounting. James is also the founder and principal of several business ventures in the creative services, music, and technology industries. In his tenure as CFO/COO and founding partner of Aligned Audio, James grew the LP-pressing audio replication facility in Brooklyn into a full-service audio post-production business with over $2M in revenue. After relocation to the Pacific Northwest and establishing Knowhere Unlimited in Portland, Mr. Piccolo has developed proficiency in data harvesting, metrics analysis, and reporting techniques which provide actionable information for optimizing project management strategy and effectiveness. These foundational processes support his passion for providing outstanding customer service.


Decades of fieldwork in professional accounting and business administration have provided James with a depth of integrated experience enabling him to share an ownership perspective while supporting business founders, principals, boards of directors, executives, shareholders, and operational managers with meaningful financial data, metrics and business intelligence.

Utilizing state of the art tools elicits meaningful and actionable data into customized reports that provide the precise information relevant to operating a successful business in a particular industry.

A master of the fundamental principles of management accounting, providing GAAP compliant, audit-ready, financial statements and a month-end closing process via the methodology of balance sheet accounts reconciliations. He insists upon gathering accurate audit support documentation and implement streamlined workflow processes to minimize inefficiency.


Proficiency with data gathering and reporting techniques is complimentary to a commitment to promoting company cultures providing the greatest opportunities for financial success and personal fulfillment. By virtue of delivering accurate and meaningful operations information, Knowhere encourages business leaders to discover the means by which the workplace can truly succeed in creating prosperity for an entire workforce, providing both profit maximization and rewarding, prosperous and dignified workplace experiences.