Knowhere Unlimited

Process and Services


Logistical Consultation:

Operations analysis is a high level evaluation activity designed for a systematic review of processes, people and procedures. The review of organizational planning, implementation and coordination from the accounting perspective is vital to a systematic authentication of how financial results pertain to operational functions. By surveying the existing workflow situation, we determine how best to distill vital information from elements within the organization, then create the methodology for data capture, verification and reporting.


Business Intelligence:

We design and create an accounting general ledger and financial reports customized to provide acumen for your organization. Effective data gathering techniques correlate operational details with financial results providing insight into opportunities to optimize overall effectiveness, team fulfillment, client satisfaction and company profitability. Data is reconstructed into information that becomes actionable and provokes inspired activity. The end result is an organized methodology with defined processes effecting a transformation of fundamental accounting data into meaningful metrics that can be put to work managing operations and improving outcomes.


Management Accounting:

Best-practices bookkeeping and month-end accounting close processes are employed to provide GAAP compliant, current, audit-ready financial reporting. Delivering crucial information to decision-makers is the essence of management accounting - producing meaningful, actionable information. With a targeted reconciliation process we assure the integrity of data in the accounting system and produce Income Statements and Balance Sheets in a timely manner. Optimally, financial results are consolidated with operations data as a way to inform operational leaders of results. Invaluable management information is culled by keeping track of effectiveness and translating results into dollars that make sense.